a-mend-ment (noun): - the act of amending or the state of being amended
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I get a lot of requests for one off amendments from my clients for various things to either help improve the look of their site or to install code for a variety of features. These can include live chat, google analytics, tracking code etc.

The most common requests I receive are:

  • Moving a promo box or search box to a different part of the website
  • Changing a background colour or adding a background image
  • Adding a few seasonal images
  • Adding extra editable areas
  • Fixing the width of a website
  • Adding Google verification code
  • Whatever amendment you wish to make to your site I offer a very competitive service with most of the simple amendments and code additions costing no more than £5-£10 per change. If you want me to give you a quote then please contact me..

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