gal-uh-ree (noun): - a room or series of rooms where works of art are displayed.
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One of the most common requests I receive is from clients wanting some form of image gallery. These are very effective for showcasing products and help to increase sales. Most web designers set up the image gallery, including all the images which can look fantastic but can sometimes be complicated for the client to update further afterwards. I prefer to install galleries which are easy for the client to update themselves once they are installed. For this reason I prefer to use and recommend image galleries from Magic Toolbox. The Magic Slideshow and the Magic Scroller are the most popular. You can see examples of these installed on the following websites: - Sounds 4 U Entertainment (the scrollable logo gallery) & Three Little Bears (Top Brands & Just In). Please contact me for a quote if you are interested in having one of these image galleries installed.

Another option is the gallery shown below. This is easily maintained by yourself and needs no technical knowledge. This is ideal for a business wanting to show a range of items or styles of product for a customer to browse through. It is very professional looking and allows your customer to easily scroll through the images within it. If you would like this installed on your site please contact me for details.

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