mod-i-fi-ca-tion (noun): - an act of instance of modifying or the state of being modified; partial alteration
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EKM Powershop is one of the most used ecommerce platforms in the UK. You can set up an ecommerce website for £19.95 (plus VAT) a month from which you can sell your products or services online with online payment processing. EKM provide a number of templates free for you to choose from which currently stands at over 20. These can be very good for the beginner but sometimes clients want these templates tweaked to enhance their products more. This can be by moving an editable promo area, changing the colour for some infobox headings, or a complete template modification overall including a number of changes.

EKM Powershop also allows logos and add to cart buttons to be uploaded relatively easily through the main user control panel under the design and layout section. Depending on the template some of the space for the logo is set to a default size which can sometimes limit the effectiveness of the logo. This means once the logo is uploaded then it is resized to fit the default space as dictated by the coding within the template. This can be altered easily if required to fit any given space. Adding a custom add to cart button to an EKM template can really make a difference to the product pages whilst also stay in keeping with the branding for the rest of your site. It is best to keep add to cart buttons relatively simple looking to avoid any confusion about its function to your customer. Custom add to cart buttons are included in all EKM Template Modifications as well as EKM Custom Designs as standard.

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