ex-tra (noun): - something extra or additional: the little amenities and extras that make life pleasant
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I get a lot of requests for the little added extras from clients to make their sites different and stand out from their competitors. Most of which tend to be things that don't take too long to implement but my clients would rather pay someone else to install or create than risk changing any html. Below I've put together details of the most common requests that I get along with the price for installation/creation.

Rotating Image Javascript Code - £20
So you've created some promotional images to highlight a special offer or promotion you have running? You've seen on another site a feature where multiple promotional images fade in and out on the front page, but you haven't got a clue how to make this happen. This can be achieved with some javascript being added to the html code of your site. This javascript is easily added to your site and then remains editable by yourself. If you are using EKM Powershop then the images can be amended yourself through some editable sections where you upload each image and can then delete and change when required. Please see above on how this works.

Countdown Script - £10 (Includes installation and removal if required)
A simple piece of javascript code installed on your site to show a countdown to a specific date. Its works by using the date on the users PC and updates realtime. A common use for this is a countdown to Christmas.
Some examples:

  • Showing Out Of Stock Image Or Text - £10 (Includes image creation if required)
    Have you ever spent ages on a site looking for that perfect present? You find exactly what you want and then go to the product page to purchase only to find out the item is out of stock? This small bit of code works off the EKM stock tag. When your stock level goes to 0 the buy now button from the category page is removed for that product and either a small "out of stock" image or a line of text is shown instead. this enables yoru customers to see directly from the category pages which items are out of stock. This is one of the most requested amendments from my clients.
    Click To View Example

    Quantity Button Installation - £10
    Another one of the most requested features. This bit of code can be installed to give your customer the option of a quantity input, rather than clicking buy now and then having to update the quantity required in the shopping cart. This code is popular with clients who sell items that are purchased in large quantities such as a bead website.
    Click To View Example

    Custom Add To Cart Button - £5.95 (includes instructions on how to upload if required)
    A custom add to cart button is simple to install in your EKM Powershop and help your shop stand out a little bit more than your competitors. Some examples:

    Favicon Creation - £5.95
    A favicon is another little added extra that can be created and installed on your site to make it stand out from others. With all the main browsers now having tabs across the top to show multiple web pages open at a time a favicon will make your site stand out amongst the others your customer may have open. This may even include some of your competitors if they are comparing prices etc. When a customer bookmarks your site your favicon is also visible in the favourites list which again makes your site instantly recognisable amongst other favourites. If your sat there wondering what I'm talking about and what a favicon actually is! (we've all done it at some point!) then click here to view what a favicon looks like in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

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