cus-tom (adjective): - made specially for individual customers or doing work to order
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EKM Powershop is one of the most used ecommerce platforms in the UK. You can set up an ecommerce website for £19.95 (plus VAT) a month from which you can sell your products or services online with online payment processing. EKM provide a number of templates free for you to choose from which currently stands at over 25. These can be very good for the beginner but sometimes clients want that little bit more by having a design that is custom built for them and their products to set them apart from the competition.

A custom EKM design involves starting from scratch incorporating and using the custom EKM tags to enable you to edit the content yourself in the same way that you would if using one of the templates. This option provides the client with the most choice as all requirements can usually be met including as many editable promotional boxes as required, including specific editable footer sections where valuable seo links can be placed which provide the search engines with information to help with your rankings whilst also not detracting from the overall design of the site. Custom add to cart buttons are included in all EKM Custom Designs as well as EKM Template Modifications as standard.

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