de-sign-er (noun): - a person who devises or executes designs, esp. one who creates forms, structures and patterns as for works of art
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I started Pink Iris in April 2008 when I decided to focus my spare time on becoming a web designer. I am currently studying towards my CIW accreditation.

I have 9 years experience in the retail industry, 4 years in the IT industry as well as a degree in Business. I have three year's experience of working within the EKM Powershop Platform designing logos, banners, template modifications and custom designs and I am familiar with the custom tags used by EKM. I also have experience of designing informational websites for small businesses.

Although I don’t specialise in SEO services, I do have experience of working with clients to achieve good results for ecommerce shops using the EKM Powershop Platform as well as a general good understanding of metatags and the other methods of enhancing the seo on your site. For details on pricing please click here.

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